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We are in the early stages of a seismic energy transition. Such transitions coincide with major shifts in human well-being and the health of the Earth’s natural systems. Individuals, governments, and companies from the local to global scale are calling for a carbon-neutral energy system. But there is deep disagreement, uncertainty, bias, and ignorance about our choices and their consequences. This is true not only for technical issues but also for important questions related to equity, such as who bears the cost and benefits and who participates in the decision-making process. We are awash in data but deficient in shared understanding of the interconnections among energy, society, and the environment.

Visualizing Energy is a new project of the Boston University Institute for Global Sustainability that meets this challenge. It is an open-access, interdisciplinary science-communication project that aims to increase actionable knowledge about a sustainable and just energy transition. It uses engaging visualizations coupled with accessible data stories to communicate in clear, concise, jargon-free language. Visualizing Energy is a public good; its motivations and methods are transparent, and its data products are freely available to all. The project’s initial focus is on three interconnected areas: the connection between energy and human well-being; the history of energy transitions; and equity issues surrounding energy transitions (energy justice, energy burden, energy poverty, energy insecurity). (Source: Cutler J. Cleveland, Visualizing Energy)

The project coleaders are Cutler J. Cleveland, Professor of Earth and Environment, and Heather Clifford, data scientist at the Institute for Global Sustainability.

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