Spash, Clive L., "Editorial: Changing Climates, Changing Values, Changing Editors: 'All Change'"

Spash, Clive L. “Editorial: Changing Climates, Changing Values, Changing Editors: ‘All Change.’” Environmental Values 16, no. 2 (2007). doi:10.3197/096327107780474537.

So, within the last six months climate change returned to the political stage, not that it ever left the planetary one. We must worry over the fickleness of humans that it ever went away. A drought of several years may soon be forgotten with relief at a few weeks of rain, as experienced recently in some parts of Australia. How now the predictions of “experts” and their probabilities in the face of economic and political variability? Does human resolve change with the weather, let alone the seasons? Should we then be appealing to human preferences to determine the future of the planet? As Arias-Maldonado (2007) asks in this issue, can we really rely upon deliberative democracy to achieve a more environmentally benign, sustainable future? […] The aim is for maintained quality in argument and debate across the disciplines concerned with addressing themselves to environment values. In this issue there is a good mix of quantitative and qualitative empirical evidence and theorizing about the realms and relevance of different environmental values and their expression. This typifies need for a greater recognition of the range of values in society and attention to the means for their articulation. (Source: The White Horse Press)

© 2007 by The White Horse Press. Republished with permission.