"Some Reflections on the Causes and Effects of the Global Food Crisis"

Quagliarotti, Desirée A.L. | from Multimedia Library Collection:

Quagliarotti, Desirée A.L. “Some Reflections on the Causes and Effects of the Global Food Crisis.” Global Environment 10 (2012): 184–209. Republished by the Environment & Society Portal, Multimedia Library. http://www.environmentandsociety.org/node/7581.

After the global food crisis occurred in 1972-74, prices of food commodities in real terms have declined rapidly and, for about thirty years, the demand of food was met by an available supply at reasonable prices. Since 2006, prices of food commodities have begun to grow, reaching a first peak in 2008 and a second in early 2011. This trend has marked the end of a long period of low level in food prices and opened the era of crisis in the global food system. This article aims to disclose the nature and underlying causes of the recent food crises focusing on both conjunctural and structural factors; to analyze the socio-economic and geopolitical impacts of food price increases; to identify the possible strategies to minimize the trade-off between the increase of agricultural production and the sustainable use of natural resources.

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