Review of Histoire du méchant loup [History of the big bad wolf] by Jean-Marc Moriceau

Frioux, Stephane | from Multimedia Library Collection:

Frioux, Stephane. Review of Histoire du méchant loup: 3000 attaques de loup sur l’homme en France, XVe–XXe siècles [History of the big bad wolf: 3000 attacks on human beings in France, fifteenth–twentieth century] by Jean-Marc Moriceau. Global Environment 3 (2009): 254–7.

The originality of Jean-Marc Moriceau’s book lies first of all in the author’s area of competence. Moriceau is a well-known modern French rural historian, editor of the review Histoire et Sociétés rurales. This Histoire du méchant loup is a good example of the recent trend of integrating the environment in social history. Other disciplines and some regional scholars have been studying wolves for a quarter of a century. Moriceau himself presents his work as a “first synthesis” which should be followed by further works. — Stephane Frioux

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