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The Posthumanities Hub.

The Posthumanities Hub is a platform for postdisciplinary humanities and more-than-human humanities, for philosophy, arts and sciences informed by advanced cultural critique and some seriously humourous feminist creativity. In our research, we specialize in the more-than-human condition and inventive feminist materialist philosophies. This entails work in environmental humanities, human animal studies, cultural studies and new media, digital and techno-humanities, medical humanities and environmental health (especially toxic embodiment), the posthuman, a-human, inhuman, nonhuman, and trans-, queer or anti-imperialist theory-practices, feminist science studies, and other inter- and/or postdisciplinary areas of researching a complex and changing world that does not admit to old academic divisions of labour (i.e., that research on “culture” is for humanities and “nature” for science.) We work to meet up with pressing societal challenges, aross the natureculture divide and target specific cases. Curiously, creatively and critically.

In 2008, the Posthumanities Hub was launched by Cecilia Åsberg as a part of the Linköping University initiative in Future Research Leaders.