"On Nature and Power: Interview with Joachim Radkau"

Radkau, Joachim | from Multimedia Library Collection:

Radkau, Joachim. “On Nature and Power: Interview with Joachim Radkau.” By Gabriella Corona. Global Environment 3 (2009): 262–77.

Joachim Radkau provides the background on his decision to write a global environmental history, addresses the role that a critique of the concept of “wilderness” played in Nature and Power, and offers his views on the unfolding dynamics of global environmental history today. He also talks about the influence of works by authors including Clive Ponting, Richard Grove, Alfred Crosby, and John McNeill, as well as the place that figures such as Max Weber hold in his own work. The interview wraps up with a frank discussion of green politics, and the dilemmas and challenges facing environmental movements and environmentalists today. (Text adapted from The White Horse Press.)

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