Live Wild or Die! no. 6

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Earth First! Movement Writings

Live Wild or Die! no. 6

Live Wild or Die!, the most radical of the publications to derive from—even reject—the Earth First! movement, was published in various locations along the west coast of the United States starting in February 1988.

The LWOD collective, ed., Live Wild or Die! no. 6 (1995/1996). Profiled by the Environment & Society Portal, Multimedia Library.

Live Wild or Die! no. 6 includes discussions of civil disobedience and demonstration tactics, rage against television, and an explanation of the negative environmental and health consequences of tampon use. In an introductory editorial, the editors clarify their non-violent intent:

We are NOT saying that if you do not live wild that you should be killed. Okay? Get that? So if you’re looking in her for violent solutions like the unibomber’s manifesto—you won’t find them. Those of us putting this issue of L.W.O.D. together are deeply involved in a NON-VIOLENT, grassroots, anarchistic movement to raise awareness about the corporate raping of our planet. So what does L.W.O.D. mean, you ask? Live Wild or Die. We must live wild or we will all die. Pretty simple really. Everyone on this planet is going to die if we don’t start playing by nature’s rules. Nature strikes back.

— The Editors

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