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The research project entitled Environmental humanities: Strategies for ecological empathy and the transition towards sustainable societies reflects on the synergies between visual arts, literature and ethics in relation to the development of ecological consciousness. Its starting point is the empirical confirmation of the contemporary environmental crisis and its consequences for the current global civilization. Considering sustainability as the ultimate end, it proposes a transdisciplinary approach based on Environmental Humanities, which constitute a valuable tool for ecological awareness and social transformation. The project includes two coordinated subprojects –Visual Arts, ethics and ecological empathy and Stories for change– covering three main areas of research: Environmental Ethics, Arts and ecology, Ecocriticism and literature. (Text from Humanidades Ambientales)

Hosted and financed by a handful of Spanish institutions, Humanidades Ambientales is an environmental humanities website centered around three research projects: Environmental Ethics, Arts and Ecology, and Ecocriticism and Literature. These projects seek to find a place for the arts and humanities in the current discourse on ecology and sustainability. Featuring information in both Spanish and English, the website presents not only the different research projects but also calls for papers and conferences. Those who speak Spanish might be interested in the 30 ECTS course DESEEEA—a diploma in sustainability, environmental ethics, and environmental education—or the exhibition “Hybris. Una posible aproximación ecoestética.”