The Global Environmental Justice Atlas (EJAtlas)

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The EJAtlas.

The Global Environmental Justice Atlas (EJAtlas).

The Global Environmental Justice Atlas (EJAtlas) documents and catalogues social conflicts around environmental issues. It is an online interactive platform coordinated and managed by a team of researchers and activists. The content and data are the result of the work of hundreds of collaborators across the world who tell their own stories of resistance or write about what they witness.

Across the world, these communities are struggling to defend their land, air, water, forests, and livelihoods from damaging extractive activities that have heavy socio-environmental impacts. As the resources needed to fuel the global economy move through the commodity chain (from extraction, processing, and disposal), environmental impacts are externalised to the most marginalised populations. Often, this takes place far from the eyes of concerned citizens or consumers.

The EJAtlas collects the stories of communities struggling for environmental justice. It aims to make their mobilisations more visible, highlighting their claims and testimonies, to make the case for true corporate and state accountability for the injustices inflicted through their activities. The EJAtlas also attempts to serve as a virtual space for those working on issues of environmental justice to get information, connect with other groups working on related issues, and increase the visibility of environmental conflicts. (Source: EJAtlas)