Exploring City Wetlands: Small Resilient Unruly (Story Map)

Gruppuso, Paolo | from Multimedia Library Collection:
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Exploring City Wetlands: Small Resilient Unruly (website).

This work is a creative exploration of areas of ecological resistance in Latina, Italy. In Latina—the capital of the province of Latina—wetlands emerge in-between the ruins and rubbles of the urban fabric; the nonhuman organizes itself by creating forms of ecological resistance that go beyond the natural/built dichotomy. They are the non-designed result of colonial and industrial infrastructures that constitute the Anthropocene and its dreadfulness. From here we need to start rethinking cities: beyond spaces, times, and logics of ecosystem services and natural capital.

Exploring City Wetlands: Small Resilient Unruly is an interactive story map created by Paolo Gruppuso. An Italian version of the story map is available here.

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