"Environmental History in China"

Bao Maohong | from Multimedia Library Collection:
Environment and History (journal)

Bao Maohong. “Environmental History in China.” Environment and History 10, no. 4, 10th Anniversary Issue (Nov., 2004): 475–99. doi:10.3197/0967340042772630. As a subdiscipline, environmental history appeared in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s. Since then, environmental history studies have been launched in many countries in the world, including China. Since China uses its own writing system with Chinese characters, the environmental history studies done in China have remained unknown outside China. As global environmental problems were becoming more serious and world environmentalism was developing vigorously, the trend to internationalise American environmental history studies was strengthened and there was an increasing need to understand Chinese environmental history and the state of its studies. Bao wrote this paper with a view to improving understanding and co-operation between Chinese and international environmental history studies. The paper is divided into four parts: (1) The rise of environmental history studies in China; (2) The main contents of Chinese environmental history studies; (3) The principal methods and characteristics; (4) The major problems to be solved. All rights reserved. © 2004 The White Horse Press