EHL VideoDictionary: The Brundtland Report

Borowy, Iris | from Multimedia Library Collection:
KTH EHL VideoDictionary


Borowy, Iris. “The Brundtland Report.” Produced by Marco Armiero, Johan Gärdebo, Santiago Gorostiza, Giacomo Bonan, Marta Pettersson, and Felipe Milanez. KTH EHL VideoDictionary, August 25, 2015. Video, 9:02. 

We envision the VideoDictionary as a teaching tool and hope that teachers and students from all over the world will find the various entries useful for their own specific purposes. Each scholar has agreed to talk for about 10 minutes. It is, of course, a big challenge to cover complex concepts in such a short time. But we believe that the effort is worthwhile, as it makes the VideoDictionary a manageable tool which can be easily integrated into a course without “occupying” it, a series of provocations and illuminations that start discussions rather than ending them. Produced by the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment. (Source: KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory)

In this entry of the EHL VideoDictionary, Iris Borowy discusses the Brundtland Report. The VideoDictionary is a teaching tool created by the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden.

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