"Editorial Introduction" to Environment and History 7, no. 2, "Beyond Local, Natural Ecosystems" special issue (May, 2001)

van Dam, Petra J. E. M. | from Multimedia Library Collection:
Environment and History (journal)

van Dam, Petra J. E. M. “Editorial Introduction” to Environment and History 7, no. 2, “Beyond Local, Natural Ecosystems” special issue (May, 2001): 127–30. doi:10.3197/096734001129342423. With this issue of Environment and History, van Dam contributes to the thesis that the expansion of trade systems and the emergence of large-scale human intervention in (formerly) natural ecosystems is a continuous, interactive process with a long history, long before the Industrial Revolution or the discovery of the New Worlds. This theme, the influence of long-distance trade on natural, local ecosystems, was the topic of a workshop van Dam organised in Amsterdam at the Free University on 8 April 1999. She presents some strands of the discussion of that day in this introduction and thanks the authors for their kind and attentive cooperation. All rights reserved. © 2001 The White Horse Press