"Editorial" for Global Environment 3

Agnoletti, Mauro, and Gabriella Corona | from Multimedia Library Collection:

Agnoletti, Mauro, and Gabriella Corona. “Editorial.” Global Environment 3 (2009): 5–7.

This issue features environmental histories of nacre and pearls, of the Sundarbans in West Bengal, and of forestry in northwestern China. It contains insights into the management of Philippine forests during the late nineteenth century, and into how protected areas were established and maintained in Montverde, Costa Rica. Studies of urban environmental history in a Latin American city (Belo Horizonte in Brazil), and of carbon emissions, energy, and industrialization in Finland since 1800 complete the selection of research articles, which is supplemented by an extended report on the impacts of land resettlement on ecology and poverty in Zimbabwe from 1980 up to the year of publication in 2009. Then follow book reviews of titles concerning the history of wolf attacks in France, and the transformation of Cuba’s rainforests into cane fields. Lastly, Gabriella Corona interviews Bielefeld professor of history Joachim Radkau, generating a wide-ranging discussion on issues such as the decision to write a global environmental history, and the dilemmas and challenges for green politics, environmentalism, and environmentalists today.

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