"Editorial" for Global Environment 1

Agnoletti, Mauro, and Gabriella Corona | from Multimedia Library Collection:

Agnoletti, Mauro, and Gabriella Corona. “Editorial.” Global Environment 1 (2008): 5–9.

The journal’s stated aim is “to stimulate and gather studies and research, which, in spite of diverse approaches and themes, share a conception of the environment as a perspective from which to look at the problems of the world and its history, at conceptions of economic development, social and productive relations, government, and relations between peoples.”

In its first issue, Guillermo H. Castro delves into the complexities of writing an environmental history of Panama. Holly High departs for Laos to examine the legacy of the world’s most intensive bombing campaign, and Laura Hollsten conducts an analysis of changes in the landscapes of the early modern Caribbean caused by sugar cane agriculture. Emmanuel Kreike explores different ways of conceptualizing environmental change with special reference to Africa, and Vimbai Kwashirai homes in on the significance of forest rules and regulations in causing poverty among Africans living in the Gwai Forest Reserve, Zimbabwe. Rogério Ribeiro de Oliveira focusses in his article on the long-term anthropogenic factors that have affected the Atlantic Coastal Forest, while Verena Winiwarter scrutinizes the relations between picture postcards and the environmental values of various European countries. Kazukiyo Higuchi and Michael G. Norton evaluate the impact of sustainability policy measures in Japan aimed at encouraging Eco-towns and innovation clusters. John McNeill reviews economist Óscar Carpintero’s history of resource use in the Spanish economy, Reinaldo Funes Monzote turns to Latin American and the Caribbean to look at how the regions’ environmental history society SOLCHA fits into the global emergence of environmental history, and Federico Paolini interviews Wolfgang Sachs on some of the pressing issues of the day, including environmental justice and global warming.

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