"Different Perspectives on Cross-Compliance"

Mann, Stefan | from Multimedia Library Collection:
Environmental Values (journal)

Mann, Stefan. “Different Perspectives on Cross-Compliance.” Environmental Values 14, no. 4 (2005): 471–82. doi:10.3197/096327105774462719.

Cross-compliance has proven its effectiveness, as can be shown by looking at the Swiss experience with cross-compliance since 1999. Besides describing the existing cross-compliance practices in Switzerland, the paper shows different perspectives on the efficiency and fairness of cross-compliance. It concludes that transaction cost advantages justify cross-compliance only in few cases. Usually, it will be more efficient to decouple social and environmental policy. The strong support for cross-compliance by the Swiss population is explained by a perceived unfairness in the distribution of property rights between farmers and society. If property rights would be redistributed, there probably would be no more need for cross-compliance.

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