Crosscurrents episode 2: “The Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (CLEAR)”

Sandlos, John | from Multimedia Library Collection:
Crosscurrents (podcast)

Sandlos, John. “Episode 2: The Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (CLEAR).” Crosscurrents: A Podcast of the Nexus Center, 3 May 2018, MP3, 45:49.

Social justice and activism are widely discussed topics, and more than ever, issues pertaining to these areas are being addressed. However, few research labs will openly embrace the label feminist, or emphasize equity. The Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research, or Clear, is an exception to this. They prioritize equity and attempt to engage the public into scientific research, fundamentally shifting the way in which they operate. 

On this second episode of the Crosscurrents podcast, the interviewers spoke with CLEAR Lab members Max Liboiron, Charlie Mather, Emily Wells, France Liboiron, and Taylor Stocks about how they approach their research activities. (Text from The Nexus Center)

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Crosscurrents is the podcast series of The Nexus Centre, meant to highlight interdisciplinary research initiatives primarily within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. The series features interviews and group discussions with leading researchers in the faculty and across the university and is hosted by John Sandlos.

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