ClimateCultures: Creative Conversations for the Anthropocene

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ClimateCultures: Creative Conversations for the Anthropocene (website).

Over three years, ClimateCultures has grown to more than 200 members — novelists, short story writers, performers, poets, playwrights, painters, composers, illustrators, photographers, filmmakers, sculptors, designers, digital artists, landscape artists, gallery owners, online curators, creative producers, cultural activists, historians, biologists, archaeologists, geographers, environmental technologists, climate researchers and more. We have members across the UK and in other parts of Europe, as well as in North America, Australia, India… You can find all of them in the ClimateCultures Directory, where they introduce themselves, their work and their interests, with links to find out more.  (Text from ClimateCultures)

ClimateCultures was launched in 2017 by Mark Goldthorpe and is a growing network for creative responses to the Anthropocene.