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The Climate History Network (CHN) is an organization of scholars who reconstruct past climate changes and, often, identify how those changes affected human history. The CHN connects academics in many disciplines, from many countries. We encourage more collaborative and interdisciplinary teaching and research in climate history. We offer contacts and resources for professors, teachers, students, and interested lay people. The CHN grew out of discussions on the H-Environment network in 2010. We currently have more than 150 members. We are part of the International Congress of Environmental History Organizations, and we hold regular meetings at the annual conferences of the American Society for Environmental History. We also host annual climate history workshops at Georgetown University, in Washington, DC. We are planning a major conference dedicated to past relationships between climate change and conflict. Our programs are made possible through financial support provided by Georgetown University and the Georgetown Environment Initiative. Our listserv is hosted by Ohio State University. We do not have any political affiliation. Membership is free. (Text from CHN)

The Climate History Network’s website provides visitors with news on climate history, but also with resources for research and teaching—including a collection of databases and an extensive bibliography. It also hosts a Climate History Podcast by Dagomar Degroot, which features interviews with people involved in climate change research, journalism, and policymaking.