"Charismatic Species and Beyond: How Cultural Schemas and Organisational Routines shape Conservation"

Krause, Monika and Katherine Robinson | from Multimedia Library Collection:

Krause, Monika and Katherine Robinson. “Charismatic Species and Beyond: How Cultural Schemas and Organisational Routines shape Conservation.” Conservation & Society 15, no. 3 (2017): 313-21. doi:10.4103/cs.cs_16_63. 

It has long been suggested that charismatic species attract a disproportionate amount of attention and resources in international conservation. This paper follows up on this observation and investigates how cultural schemas and organisational routines shape resource allocation in conservation more broadly. Based on 44 in-depth interviews with programme managers in international conservation NGOs and in zoos with conservation programmes, we argue, that routines establishing units of intervention in conservation work shape the allocation of resources in ways that are not directly based on conservation science. In addition to the role of species, and charismatic species in particular, we examine the role of countries as units of interventions and of focus countries as privileged sites among them. Some countries present better opportunities than others; some are favored by institutional donors. We also discuss the role of landscapes and charismatic landscapes and of solutions and charismatic solutions. (Text from authors’ abstract)

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