Brochure: Through the American Wonderland: The Pacific Northwest, 1923

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CB&Q Brochure: “Through the American Wonderland: The Pacific Northwest,” 1923.

A spread from a CB&Q 1923 Burlington Route brochure. (© Newberry Library. CB&Q Misc. Bx. #2, American Wonderland, 1923, Education.)

This image appears in: Olmanson, Eric D. “Promotion and Transformation of Landscapes along the CB&Q Railroad.” Environment & Society Portal, Virtual Exhibitions 2011, no. 1. Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society.

The opening passage of this brochure argues that not only landscapes were transformed, but so too were the adventurous people who traveled the rails to destinations like the Pacific Northwest and beyond: “this, then, is about a trip that may change your whole life.” Whether seeking a new home or merely a temporary escape, a ticket on the Burlington offered not only transportation from point A to point B, but an opportunity for travelers to reinvent themselves in a new place.

—Eric D. Olmanson

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