Arroyo, Vicki, "Let's Prepare For Our New Climate"

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: Arroyo, Vicki. “Let’s Prepare For Our New Climate.” Filmed June 2012. TED video 14:36.

The climate is quickly changing. Scientists increasingly talk of a new period in the Earth’s history, the “anthropocene”, in which human impact on the planet has become dominant. Yet we remain unprepared to deal with the consequences: specifically, the disruption and cost. Lawyer Vicki Arroyo, the executive director of the Georgetown Climate Center, works on climate mitigation and adaptation policies as viable solutions to climate change’s inevitable disruptions to current practices. Using the best available science, Arroyo collaborates with US policymakers at both the state and federal level to develop “planetary management” strategies. She illustrates her talk with bold projects from cities all over the world—local examples of thinking ahead. (Source: TED)

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