ALARM no. 6

from Multimedia Library Collection:
Earth First! Movement Writings

ALARM no. 6

The ALARM began in 1991 as a revolutionary ecological news quarterly published by Earth First! groups active in the northeastern United States, emphasizing news and direct actions significant to regional and indigneous groups. The local Earth First! group Biodiversity Liberation Front EF! was its original publisher; issue 3 was the first issue to be broadly circulated. The local group Big River EF! published issue 10, and Mass EF! published issue 11. The Eastern North American Native Forest Network took over its annual publication with issue 12.

Allen, Garth, et al. ALARM no. 6 (March 1993). Republished by the Environment & Society Portal, Multimedia Library.

In this issue of the ALARM, the editors explain the history of its name. Maine EF! brings up the subject of political violence against activists and tells the story of police brutality that occured against Mount Blue activists; Anne Petermann reports from the Earth First! invasion of the Conservation Congress in Bristol, Vermont; and Helkat welcomes new voices to the EF! movement.  

I see very slow changes coming to Earth First!. Changes I most heartedly welcome. In the rough an’ ready macho male world of Earth First! there are other voices: new voices. Voices of women, mothers, lesbians, bisexuals, women in relationships with changing men, warrior women, quiet laid back ones, loud screaming ones… Ah, so many to watch and love in awe.


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