"Abruzzo National Park: Land of Dreams"

Sievert, James | from Multimedia Library Collection:
Environment and History (journal)

Sievert, James. “Abruzzo National Park: Land of Dreams.” Environment and History 5, no. 3 (Oct, 1999): 293–307. doi:10.3197/096734099779568236. After centuries of seclusion, Pescasseroli and the upper Sangro River valley in Italy’s central Apennine Mountains began opening to the world in the early twentieth century. Spearheading the drive was Ermino Sipari, cousin of the famous philosopher Benedetto Croce. Both Sipari and Croce, who was born in Pescasseroli, believed the natural world could bring great material and cultural benefits to the local population. All it would take was a proper land management structure. After a decade of debate in government, in the press, and in conservation circles, the result was the inauguration of Abruzzo National Park in 1922. All rights reserved. © 1999 The White Horse Press