Modern societies’ hazardous by-products cast a dark shadow over the planet. A threat to humans and the environment alike, hazardous waste comes in many guises: discarded batteries, asbestos, giant ships, or tailings from mining operations. While these objects might not seem dangerous at first sight, they have characteristics and components that make them potentially deadly. This virtual exhibition gives you an insight into the obscure world of hazardous waste, its questionable trade across the globe, and the people successfully fighting for safe and just waste management. The Hazardous Travels research team takes you on a journey both into our research and to the edges of our societies that many prefer not to see.

Feichtner, Maximilian, Jonas Stuck, Ayushi Dhawan, Christina Lennartz, and Simone M. Müller. “Toxic Relationships: Uncovering the Worlds of Hazardous Waste.” Environment & Society Portal, Virtual Exhibitions 2021, no. 1. Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society.

ISSN 2198-7696 Environment & Society Portal, Virtual Exhibitions