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The interdisciplinary academic journal Environment and History is published by the White Horse Press. Its intention is to to bring scholars in the humanities and biological sciences closer together, with the aim of constructing long and well-founded perspectives on present day environmental problems. (Text adapted from the journal’s homepage).

The Environment & Society Portal offers a growing selection of representative articles from the journal.

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"Canals Spawn Dams? Exploring the Filiation of Hydraulic Infrastructure"
Trottier, Julie, and Sara Fernandez
"Water, Policy and Governance"
Hukka, J.J., J.E. Castro, and P.E. Pietilä
"Sanitation, Water and Health"
Rautanen, Sanna-Leena, Antero Luonsi, Henry Nygard, Heikki S. Vuorinen, and Riikka P. Rajala
"Water, Food and the Economy"
Vinnari, E.M., and H. Frederiksen
"Editorial Note: 'Pasts and Futures of Water'"
Juuti, Petri S., Tapio S. Katko, and Eija M. Vinnari
"Water and the City"
Katko, Tapio S., P.S. Juuti, and J. Tempelhoff
"The Origins of the Russian Chernozem Soil (Black Earth): Franz Joseph Ruprecht’s 'Geo-Botanical Researches into the Chernozem' of 1866"
Fedotova, Anastasia A.
"Modernisation with Local Characteristics: Development Efforts and the Environment on the Zoige Grass and Wetlands, 1949-2005"
Hayes, Jack P.
"The Nature Conservation Movement in Post-War Japan"
Knight, Catherine
"Dark is the World to Thee: A Historical Perspective on Environmental Forewarnings"
Kwiatowska, Teresa, and Alan Holland
"Toiling in Paradise: Knowledge Acquisition in the Context of Colonial Agriculture in Brazil's Atlantic Forest"
De Oliveira, Rogerio Ribeiro, and Verena Winiwarter
"'Reordering and Counterordering': Forestry Preservation, Bush Clearing and the Sociophysical Mapping of Chepalungu, Kericho District, Kenya, 1930-1963"
Otieno, Alphonse
"Colonial Forestry at its Limits: The Latter Day Career of Sir David Hutchins in New Zealand 1915-1920"
Roche, Michael
"Science and Land Use: The Kosciusko Primitive Area Dispute of 1958-65"
Slattery, Deirdre
"Botanical Transculturation: Japanese and British Knowledge and Understanding of Aucuba japonica and Larix leptolepis 1700-1920"
Tachibana, Setsu, and Charles Watkins