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The interdisciplinary academic journal Environment and History is published by the White Horse Press. Its intention is to to bring scholars in the humanities and biological sciences closer together, with the aim of constructing long and well-founded perspectives on present day environmental problems. (Text adapted from the journal's homepage).

The Environment & Society Portal offers a growing selection of representative articles from the journal.

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Pooley, Simon, "Jan van Riebeeck as Pioneering Explorer and Conservator of Natural Resources at the Cape of Good Hope (1652–62)" 01/02/2009
Iqbal, Iftekhar, "Fighting With a Weed: Water Hyacinth and the State in Colonial Bengal, c. 1910–1947" 01/02/2009
Zuozhi, Yan et al., "Population, Land Use and Environmental Impacts in Shucheng County, Anhui Province, China during the Ming and Qing Dynasties" 01/02/2009
Musemwa, Muchaparara, "Contestation over Resources: The Farmer-Miner Dispute in Colonial Zimbabwe, 1903–1939" 01/02/2009
Showers, Kate B., "Prehistory of Southern African Forestry: From Vegetable Garden to Tree Plantation" 11/01/2009
Pinto, Bruno, Carlos Aguar, and Maria Partidário, "Brief Historical Ecology of Northern Portugal during the Holocene" 2009
Roche, Michael M., and John Dargavel, "Imperial Ethos, Dominions Reality: Forestry Education in New Zealand and Australia, 1910–1965" 01/11/2008
Taylor, Benedict, "Trees of Gold and Men Made Good? Grand Visions and Early Experiments in Penal Forestry in New South Wales, 1913–1938" 01/11/2008
Star, Paul, "Tree Planting in Canterbury, New Zealand, 1850–1910" 01/11/2008
Beattie, James, "Colonial Geographies of Settlement: Vegetation, Towns, Disease and Well-Being In Aotearoa/New Zealand, 1830s–1930s" 01/11/2008
Stubbs, Brett J., Paul Star, and Michael M. Roche, "Introduction," Environment and History 14, no. 4, Trans-Tasman Forest History special issue (Nov. 2008) 01/11/2008
Wood, Vaughan, and Eric Pawson, "The Banks Peninsula Forests and Akaroa Cocksfoot: Explaining a New Zealand Forest Transition" 01/11/2008
Hatvany, Matthew, "Environmental Failure, Success and Sustainable Development: The Hauraki Plains Wetlands Through Four Generations of New Zealanders" 01/11/2008
Stubbs, Brett J., "Forest Conservation and the Reciprocal Timber Trade between New Zealand and New South Wales, 1880s–1920s" 01/11/2008
Hughes, J. Donald, "Three Dimensions of Environmental History" 01/08/2008