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The interdisciplinary academic journal Environment and History is published by the White Horse Press. Its intention is to to bring scholars in the humanities and biological sciences closer together, with the aim of constructing long and well-founded perspectives on present day environmental problems. (Text adapted from the journal's homepage).

The Environment & Society Portal offers a growing selection of representative articles from the journal.

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Hunt, Stephen E., "'Free, Bold, Joyous:' The Love of Seaweed in Margaret Gatty and Other Mid-Victorian Writers" 01/02/2005
Dodson, Belinda, "A Soil Conservation Safari: Hugh Bennett's 1944 Visit to South Africa" 01/02/2005
Das, Pallavi, "Hugh Cleghorn and Forest Conservancy in India" 01/02/2005
Redclift, Michael, "'A Convulsed and Magic Country:' Tourism and Resource Histories in the Mexican Caribbean" 01/02/2005
Carruthers, Jane, "Africa: Histories, Ecologies and Societies" 01/11/2004
Coates, Peter, "Emerging from the Wilderness (or, from Redwoods to Bananas): Recent Environmental History in the United States and the Rest of the Americas" 01/11/2004
Williams, Michael, "The Origin and Construction of Knowledge" 01/11/2004
Robin, Libby, and Tom Griffiths, "Environmental History in Australasia" 01/11/2004
Bao Maohong "Environmental History in China" 01/11/2004
Winiwarter, Verena, ed., "Environmental History in Europe from 1994 to 2004: Enthusiasm and Consolidation" 01/11/2004
Simmons, Ian Gordon, "The World Scale" 01/11/2004
Oslund, Karen, "'Nature in League with Man:' Conceptualising and Transforming the Natural World in Eighteenth-Century Scandinavia" 01/08/2004
Orland, Barbara, "Alpine Milk: Dairy Farming as a Pre-modern Strategy of Land Use" 01/08/2004
Crook, D. S., D. J. Siddle, J. A. Dearing, and R. Thompson, "Human Impact on the Environment in the Annecy Petit Lac Catchment, Haute-Savoie: A Documentary Approach" 01/08/2004
Frost, Warwick, "Australia Unlimited? Environmental Debate in the Age of Catastrophe, 1910–1939" 01/08/2004