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The interdisciplinary academic journal Environment and History is published by the White Horse Press. Its intention is to to bring scholars in the humanities and biological sciences closer together, with the aim of constructing long and well-founded perspectives on present day environmental problems. (Text adapted from the journal's homepage).

The Environment & Society Portal offers a growing selection of representative articles from the journal.

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Vaccaro, Ismael, "Sovereignty, Collective Ingenuity and Moral Economies: The Confluence of Transnational Trends, States and Local Strategies in the Pyrenees" 01/02/2007
Widell, Magnus, "Historical Evidence for Climate Instability and Environmental Catastrophes in Northern Syria and the Jazira: The Chronicle of Michael the Syrian" 01/02/2007
Bonhomme, Brian, "For the 'Preservation of Friends' and the 'Destruction of Enemies:' Studying and Protecting Birds in Late Imperial Russia" 01/02/2007
Vandergeest, Peter, and Nancy Lee Peluso, "Empires of Forestry: Professional Forestry and State Power in Southeast Asia, Part 2" 01/11/2006
Daley, Ben, and Peter Griggs, "Mining the Reefs and Cays: Coral, Guano and Rock Phosphate Extraction in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, 1844–1940" 01/11/2006
Paavola, Jouni, "Interstate Water Pollution Problems and Elusive Federal Water Pollution Policy in the United States, 1900–1948" 01/11/2006
Griggs, Peter, "Soil Erosion, Scientists and the Development of Conservation Tillage Techniques in the Queensland Sugar Industry, 1935–1995" 01/08/2006
Douglas, Kirsty, "'Forsaken Spot' to 'Classic Ground': Geological Heritage in Australia and the Recuperative Power of the Deep Past" 01/08/2006
Wells, Philippa K., "'An Enemy of the Rabbit:' The Social Context of Acclimatisation of an Immigrant Killer" 01/08/2006
Dehnen-Schmutz, Katharina, and Mark Williamson, "Rhododendron ponticum in Britain and Ireland: Social, Economic and Ecological Factors in its Successful Invasion" 01/08/2006
McQuaid, Kim, "Selling the Space Age: NASA and Earth's Environment, 1958–1990" 01/05/2006
Tilley, David Rogers, "National Metabolism and Communications Technology Development in the United States, 1790–2000" 01/05/2006
Dahlström, Anna, Sara A.O. Cousins, and Ove Eriksson, "The History (1620–2003) of Land Use, People and Livestock, and the Relationship to Present Plant Species Diversity in a Rural Landscape in Sweden" 01/05/2006
Gari, Lutfallah, "A History of the Hima Conservation System" 01/05/2006
Weil, Benjamin, "The Rivers Come: Colonial Flood Control and Knowledge Systems in the Indus Basin, 1840s–1930s" 01/02/2006