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Interdisciplinary in scope and centered on the environmental humanities, this unique, burgeoning selection of articles from academic journals highlights current areas of debate on links between environment and society. It features journals such as Environmental Values, Environment and History, Global Environment, Environmental Humanities, Climate of the Past, International Review of Environmental History, and Conservation & Society.

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"The Persistence of Tightly Coupled Conflicts. The Case of Loisaba, Kenya"
Pellis, Arjaan, Annemiek Pas, and Martijn Duineveld
"Indigenous Peoples' Concerns About Loss of Forest Knowledge: Implications for Forest Management"
Carson, Savanna L., Fabrice Kentatchime, Eric Djomo Nana, Kevin Y. Njabo, Brian L. Cole, and Hilary A. Godwin
"Integrated Measures of Indigenous Land and Sea Management Effectiveness: Challenges and Opportunities for Improved Conservation Partnerships in Australia"
Austin, Beau J. et al.
Review of Nature of Spectacle by Jim Igoe
León Araya, Andrés
"The Vulnerable Bison: Practices and Meanings of Rewilding in the Romanian Carpathians"
Vasile, Monica
"Practising Nature: A Phenomenological Rethinking of Environmentality in Natural Protected Areas in Ecuador and Spain"
Cortes-Vazquez, Jose A., and Esteban Ruiz-Ballesteros
"Why Exchange Values are Not Environmental Values: Explaining the Problem with Neoliberal Conservation"
Allen, Karen
"Austerity Politics and the Post-Politicisation of Conservation Governance in Canada"
Youdelis, Megan
"National Park Declassification in Mexico: Between Propaganda, Legitimisation and Bargaining"
Lebreton, Clotilde
"Living in a Cage: The Intimate Geographies of Conservation in South Africa and Tanzania"
Reid-Hresko, John
"Understanding the Relationship Between Livelihood Constraints of Poor Forest-adjacent Residents, and Illegal Forest Use, at Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda"
Munanura Ian E., Kenneth F. Backman, Jeffrey C. Hallo, Robert B. Powell, and Edwin Sabuhoro
"Compensation as a Policy for Mitigating Human-wildlife Conflict Around Four Protected Areas in Rajasthan, India"
Johnson, McKenzie F., Krithi K. Karanth, and Erika Weinthal
"Exploring Institutional Factors Influencing Equity in Two Payments for Ecosystem Service Schemes"
Kariuki, Juliet, Regina Birner, and Susan Chomba
"Changes in Media Portrayal of Human-wildlife Conflict During Successive Fatal Shark Bites"
Sabatier, Etienne and Charlie Huveneers
"Rehearsing Inclusive Participation Through Fishery Stakeholder Workshops in the Philippines"
Cleland, Deborah, and Raissa Ocaya San Jose