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Interdisciplinary in scope and centered on the environmental humanities, this unique, burgeoning selection of articles from academic journals highlights current areas of debate on links between environment and society. It features journals such as Environmental Values, Environment and History, Global Environment, Environmental Humanities, and Climate of the Past.

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Dills, Randall, "Forest and Grassland: Recent Trends in Russian Environmental History" 2013
Frost, Warwick, and Jennifer Laing, "From Yellowstone to Australia and New Zealand: National Parks 2.0" 2013
Isenberg, Andrew C., "From the Periphery to the Center: North American Environmental History" 2013
Engler, Steven, Franz Mauelshagen, Jürg Luterbacher, and Johannes Werner, "The Irish Famine of 1740-1741: Famine Vulnerability and 'Climate Migration'" 2013
Ivey, Linda L., "Apples and Experts: Evolving Notions of Sustainable Agriculture" 2013
Kalb, Martin, "Moving Beyond the Nation State? Reflections on European Environmental History" 2013
Kwashirai, Vimbai C., "Environmental Change, Control and Management in Africa" 2013
Vadas, András, and Lajos Rácz, "Climatic Changes in the Carpathian Basin during the Middle Ages. The State of Research" 2013
Zoomers, Annelies, and Guus van Westen, "Reframing the Land Grab Debate: The Need to Broaden and Deepen the Agenda" 2013
Esselborn, Stefan, "Environment, Memory, and the Groundnut Scheme: Britain’s Largest Colonial Agricultural Development Project and Its Global Legacy" 2013
Kalmbach, Karena, "Radiation and Borders: Chernobyl as a National and Transnational Site of Memory" 2013
Roundtable Review of In the Field, Among the Feathered by Thomas R. Dunlap 26/11/2012
The Editorial Team, "Thinking Through the Environment, Unsettling the Humanities" 11/2012
Morton, Timothy, "The Oedipal Logic of Ecological Awareness" 11/2012
Kirksey, Eben, "Living With Parasites in Palo Verde National Park" 11/2012