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Interdisciplinary in scope and centered on the environmental humanities, this unique, burgeoning selection of articles from academic journals highlights current areas of debate on links between environment and society. It features journals such as Environmental Values, Environment and History, Global Environment, Environmental Humanities, and Climate of the Past.

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Knight, Catherine, "The Nature Conservation Movement in Post-War Japan" 2010
Kumar, V. M. Ravi, "Green Colonialism and Forest Policies in South India, 1800-1900" 2010
Kwashirai, Vimbai C., "Zimbabwe’s Chinhoyi Caves: 1845-1945" 2010
Kwiatowska, Teresa, and Alan Holland, "Dark is the World to Thee: A Historical Perspective on Environmental Forewarnings" 2010
Otieno, Alphonse, "'Reordering and Counterordering': Forestry Preservation, Bush Clearing and the Sociophysical Mapping of Chepalungu, Kericho District, Kenya, 1930-1963" 2010
Rautanen, Sanna-Leena, Antero Luonsi, Henry Nygard, Heikki S. Vuorinen, and Riikka P. Rajala, "Sanitation, Water and Health" 2010
Roche, Michael, "Colonial Forestry at its Limits: The Latter Day Career of Sir David Hutchins in New Zealand 1915-1920" 2010
Slattery, Deirdre, "Science and Land Use: The Kosciusko Primitive Area Dispute of 1958-65" 2010
Tachibana, Setsu, and Charles Watkins, "Botanical Transculturation: Japanese and British Knowledge and Understanding of Aucuba japonica and Larix leptolepis 1700-1920" 2010
Tamir, Dan, "Motives for Introducing Species: Palestine's Carp as a Case Study" 2010
Trottier, Julie, and Sara Fernandez, "Canals Spawn Dams? Exploring the Filiation of Hydraulic Infrastructure" 2010
Vinnari, E.M., and H. Frederiksen, "Water, Food and the Economy" 2010
Willis, Kathy, and Shonil Bhadwat, "Questions of Importance to the Conservation of Biological Diversity: Answers from the Past" 2010
Drummond, José Augusto, José Luiz de Andrade Franco, and Alessandra Bortoni Ninis, "Brazilian Federal Conservation Units: A Historical Overview of their Creation and of their Current Status" 01/11/2009
Goddard, Joseph, "Landscape and Ambience on the Urban Fringe: From Agricultural to Imagined Countryside" 01/11/2009