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Interdisciplinary in scope and centered on the environmental humanities, this unique, burgeoning selection of articles from academic journals highlights current areas of debate on links between environment and society. It features journals such as Environmental Values, Environment and History, Global Environment, Environmental Humanities, and Climate of the Past.

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Jenkins, David, "'When The Well's Dry:' Water and the Promise of Sustainability in the American Southwest" 01/11/2009
Pacheco, Pablo, "Agrarian Change, Cattle Ranching and Deforestation: Assessing their Linkages in Southern Pará" 01/11/2009
Siddle, David, "Goats, Marginality and the 'Dangerous Other'" 01/11/2009
Bankoff, Greg, "Breaking New Ground? Gifford Pinchot and the Birth of 'Empire Forestry' in the Philippines, 1900–1905" 01/08/2009
Frawley, Jodi, "Campaigning for Street Trees, Sydney Botanic Gardens, 1890s–1920s" 01/08/2009
Knight, Catherine, "The Paradox of Discourse Concerning Deforestation in New Zealand: A Historical Survey" 01/08/2009
Mosley, Stephen, "'A Network of Trust': Measuring and Monitoring Air Pollution in British Cities, 1912–1960" 01/08/2009
Wells, Philippa, "The Fall and Fall in the Legal Status of Mustelids in New Zealand" 01/08/2009
Demos, T. J., "The Politics of Sustainability: Contemporary Art and Ecology" 20/05/2009
Bennett, Brett, "An Imperial, National and State Debate: The Rise and Near Fall of the Australian Forestry School, 1927–1945" 01/05/2009
Perri, Michael, "'Ruined and Lost': Spanish Destruction of the Pearl Coast in the Early Sixteenth Century" 01/05/2009
Sivramkrishna, Sashi, "Production Cycles and Decline in Traditional Iron Smelting in the Maidan, Southern India, c. 1750–1950: An Environmental History Perspective" 01/05/2009
Wegner, Jan, "Sludge on Tap: Queensland's First Water Pollution Legislation, 1944–1985" 01/05/2009
Iqbal, Iftekhar, "Fighting With a Weed: Water Hyacinth and the State in Colonial Bengal, c. 1910–1947" 01/02/2009
Musemwa, Muchaparara, "Contestation over Resources: The Farmer-Miner Dispute in Colonial Zimbabwe, 1903–1939" 01/02/2009