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Interdisciplinary in scope and centered on the environmental humanities, this unique, burgeoning selection of articles from academic journals highlights current areas of debate on links between environment and society. It features journals such as Environmental Values, Environment and History, Global Environment, Environmental Humanities, and Climate of the Past.

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Pennaz, Alice B. Kelly, "Is that Gun for the Bears? The National Park Service Ranger as a Historically Contradictory Figure" 07/2017
Sangha, Kamaljit Kaur and Jeremy Russell-Smith, "Towards an Indigenous Ecosystem Services Valuation Framework: A North Australian Example" 07/2017
Mayberry, Allison L., Alice J. Hovorka and Kate E. Evans, "Well-Being Impacts of Human-Elephant Conflict in Khumaga, Botswana: Exploring Visible and Hidden Dimensions" 07/2017
Yundannima, Yonten Nyima, "Rangeland Use Rights Privatisation Based on the Tragedy of the Commons: A Case Study from Tibet" 07/2017
Thing, Sudeep Jana, Roy Jones and Christina Birdsall Jones, "The Politics of Conservation: Sonaha, Riverscape in the Bardia National Park and Buffer Zone, Nepal" 07/2017
Crown, Crystal A. and Kalli F. Doubleday, "‘Man-eaters’ in the Media: Representation of Human-leopard Interactions in India Across Local, National, and International Media" 07/2017
Krause, Monika and Katherine Robinson, "Charismatic Species and Beyond: How Cultural Schemas and Organisational Routines shape Conservation" 07/2017
MacKenzie, Catrina A., Rebecca K. Fuda, Sadie Jane Ryan and Joel Hartter, "Drilling through Conservation Policy: Oil Exploration in Murchison Falls Protected Area, Uganda" 07/2017
Howson, Peter, "Intimate Exclusions from the REDD+ forests of Sungai Lamandau, Indonesia" 04/2017
Koot, Stasja and Walter van Beek, "Ju/'hoansi Lodging in a Namibian Conservancy: CBNRM, Tourism and Increasing Domination" 04/2017
Matulis, Brett Sylvester, "Persistent Neoliberalisation in PES: Taxes, Tariffs, and the World Bank in Costa Rica" 04/2017
Wright, V. Corey, "Turbulent Terrains: The Contradictions and Politics of Decentralised Conservation" 04/2017
Costa, Susana, Catarina Casanova and Phyllis Lee, "What Does Conservation Mean for Women? The Case of the Cantanhez Forest National Park" 04/2017
Carter et al.,"Mapping Scenario Narratives: A Technique to Enhance Landscape-scale Biodiversity Planning" 04/2017
Suiseeya, Kimberly R. Marion, "Contesting Justice in Global Forest Governance: The Promises and Pitfalls of REDD+" 04/2017