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Stora Sjöfallet National Park in Northern Sweden. Established in 1909 under Sweden's first major conservation legislature.

The creation of national parks – anywhere in the world – can only be understood in the context of the time and place in which this occurred.
— Jane Carruthers

The Rachel Carson Center and the European Society for Environmental History invite all scholars of nature conservation to contribute to this collection of short online entries about the creation of national parks around the world as part of the Arcadia project. In order to ensure a minimal coherency among these entries all contributors were asked to address the following questions: 1. What is the context of the time and place of your park’s creation? 2. What is particular about your park? 3. Are there transnational connections of special importance, e.g., to other parks or protected areas or conservation models?

Collection chair is Patrick Kupper
(Institute for History and European Ethnology, University of Innsbruck)

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A Post-Wilderness National Park: Naturecultures of Destruction and Recuperation in the Castlemaine Goldfields
Instone, Lesley Arcadia, Summer 2017, no. 17
Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site
Vlachos, Alexandra Arcadia, Spring 2017, no. 1
Banff Is … Hell? The Struggle of Being Canada’s First, Most Famous, and Most Visited National Park
MacEachern, Alan Arcadia, Summer 2016, no. 10
“The Most Beautiful Valley in Japan”: Kamikōchi, the Japan Alps, and National Parks in Japan
Jones, Tom Arcadia, Summer 2016, no. 8
Nature, Beauty, Tourism: The Concurrent Roots of Abruzzo National Park
Piccioni, Luigi Arcadia, Spring 2016, no. 3
More than a "Paper Park": Tayrona, a Caribbean Paradise
Leal, Claudia Arcadia 2015, no. 6
Blurring Boundaries: Nahuel Huapi National Park
Wakild, Emily Arcadia 2015, no. 5
Profoundly National Yet Transboundary: The Tatra National Parks
Hoenig, Bianca Arcadia 2014, no. 16
Evolution for World Heritage: The Galapagos Islands National Park
Ackermann, Elke Arcadia 2014, no. 14
A Muddy Transnational Park: The Wadden Sea
Wöbse, Anna-Katharina, Ziemek, Hans-Peter Arcadia 2014, no. 10
A Latecoming Pioneer: Austria's Hohe Tauern National Park
Kupper, Patrick, Wöbse, Anna-Katharina Arcadia 2014, no. 9
A Laboratory for the Implementation of "Wilderness" in Central Europe—The Bavarian Forest National Park
Gissibl, Bernhard Arcadia 2014, no. 4
Bitten by Success: Conflicts Over Tourism Revenue and Natural Resources at Komodo National Park
Rodriguez, Steven Arcadia 2014, no. 3
Nature Conservation in Ski Country? The Vanoise National Park
Mauz, Isabelle Arcadia 2014, no. 2
“I Prefer to Die on the Mountain”: Local Resistance to National Park Development on Mount Merapi
Rodriguez, Steven Arcadia 2014, no. 1