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British economist Thomas Robert Malthus warns of the dangers of overpopulation.

The Society for the Preservation of Nature in Israel is founded in 1953; today it is the largest conservation organization in Israel.

One of the first guilds in Europe is founded by silver miners in Germany’s Harz Mountains.

Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the French Minister of Finance under King Louis XIV, oversees “L’ordonnance des eaux et forêts,” ushering in a new system of forest management.

Bushfires devastate large areas of Victoria and South Australia and kill seventy-one people.

The first images of Planet Earth are taken by NASA astronaut William Anders, a member of the Apollo 8 team.

The world’s first forestry school, located in the Saxon city of Tharandt, attracts students from all over Europe.

This climate phenomenon was first observed in 1578. Occurring primarily in the Pacific, it can lead to extreme weather in many world regions.

The World Summit for Social Development takes place in Copenhagen.

The New Forest is declared a royal forest under King William I of England.