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Ringbarking, as a means of destroying trees, was known and practised from the earliest years of British settlement in New South Wales...

This paper examines age as a parameter in colonial and recent science. It then recounts attempts to impose an ordered progression of age classes on the forests of Victoria and Queensland according to the classical principles of forestry transmuted through an imperial model.

This article assesses the data on snow and snow-cover contained in the Diarium or diary of Martinus Crusius (1526–1607), one of the 16th century's German humanists. This data is compared with the relevant 20th century meteorological data.

The essay outlines and criticises three prominent features of current environmental history writing: the idea of history as negative progress, the rhetoric of 'on the one hand' - 'on the other hand,' and the use of the term 'capitalism.'

Histories of environmentalism in Australia often overlook the 1950s, an era when scientific ecology dominated environmental activism...

An introduction to five papers on Man and Nature, by George Perkins Marsh.