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The international journal Global Environment: A Journal of History and Natural and Social Sciences aims to act as a forum and echo chamber for ongoing investigations on the environment and world history, with special regard to the modern and contemporary periods. Its intent is to stimulate and gather studies and research that, in spite of a diversity of approaches and themes, share an environmental perspective on world history in its various facets, including economic development, social and production relations, government, and relations between peoples--and to thus overcome the limitations of a Western-centric historiography. (Text adapted from the journal's homepage).

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Hollsten, Laura, "Controlling Nature and Transforming Landscapes in the Early Modern Caribbean" 2008
Isachenko, Grigory A., review of Kulturnyi landshaft kak ob’ekt naslediya [Cultural Landscape as a Heritage Site], edited by Yuriy Vedenin, and Marina Kuleshova 2008
Kreike, Emmanuel, "The Nature-Culture Trap: A Critique of Late 20th Century Global Paradigms of Environmental Change in Africa and Beyond" 2008
Kwashirai, Vimbai Chaumba, "Poverty in the Gwai Forest Reserve, Zimbabwe: 1880–1953" 2008
Latouche, Serge, "Degrowth: A Slogan for a New Ecological Democracy" 2008
Malanima, Paolo, review of Global Environmental History: 10,000 BC to AD 2000 by Ian Gordon Simmons 2008
Marull, Joan, Joan Pino, and Enric Tello, "The Loss of Territorial Efficiency: An Ecological Analysis of Land-Use Changes in Western Mediterranean Agriculture (Vallès County, Catalonia, 1853–2004)" 2008
McNeill, John R., review of El metabolismo de la economía española: Recursos naturales y huella ecológica 1955–2000 by Óscar Carpintero 2008
Oliveira, Rogério Ribeiro de, “Environmental History, Traditional Populations, and Paleo-Territories in the Brazilian Atlantic Coastal Forest” 2008
Ortega Santos, Antonio, "Agroecosystem, Peasants, and Conflicts: Environmental History in Spain at the Beginning of the Twenty-first Century" 2008
Paolini, Federico, "Waiting for a Fair Future . . . Talking about Environment, Well-Being, and Justice with Wolfgang Sachs" 2008
Radkau, Joachim, review of Die GRÜNEN im Bundestag: Sitzungsprotokolle 1983–1987, edited by Josef Boyer and Helge Heidemeyer 2008
Rogers, Peter J., "International Conservation Governance and the Early History of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania" 2008
Skokanova, Hana, "The Impact of River Engineering Works on the Dyje River Floodplain in the Czech Republic" 2008
Sivramkrishna, Sashi, "Macroeconomic and Environmental History: The Impact of Currency Depreciation on Forests in British India, 1873–93" 2008