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The international journal Global Environment: A Journal of History and Natural and Social Sciences aims to act as a forum and echo chamber for ongoing investigations on the environment and world history, with special regard to the modern and contemporary periods. Its intent is to stimulate and gather studies and research that, in spite of a diversity of approaches and themes, share an environmental perspective on world history in its various facets, including economic development, social and production relations, government, and relations between peoples--and to thus overcome the limitations of a Western-centric historiography. (Text adapted from the journal's homepage).

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Soll, David, "Healthy Country, Unhealthy City: Population Growth, Migration, and Urban Sanitation in Lima and Manila" 2012
Zoomers, Annelies, "Migration as a Failure to Adapt? How Andean People Cope with Environmental Restrictions and Climate Variability" 2012
Chakravarty-Kaul, Minoti, "Survival Strategies and the Environment: The Siwalik Forest Commons, 19th and 20th Centuries" 2012
Corona, Gabriella, "Urbanists and the Environment Between Technique and Politics: The Case of Italy from the Sixties to the Present" 2012
Cuvi, Nicolás, "Big Science and the Enchantment of Growth in Latin America" 2012
Hamblin, Jacob Darwin, "The Vulnerability of Nations: Food Security in the Aftermath of World War II" 2012
Holm, Poul, "World War II and the 'Great Acceleration' of North Atlantic Fisheries" 2012
Kalb, Martin, "'Rather Active Today than Radioactive Tomorrow!' Environmental Justice and the Anti-Nuclear Movement in 1970s Wyhl, West Germany" 2012
Kathirithamby-Wells, Jeyamalar, "The Environmental Impacts of Japan’s Occupation of West Malaysia (1942-45) and its Socio-Economic Implications" 2012
Laakkonen, Simo, and Richard Tucker, "War and Natural Resources in History: Introduction" 2012
Quagliarotti, Desirée A.L., "Some Reflections on the Causes and Effects of the Global Food Crisis" 2012
Brown, Kevin, "'All That Country Will Be Taken Up by the Thrifty Settler': Migration, Environment, and the Cutover Lands of Minnesota, USA from the 1890s to the 1930s" 2012
Culver, Lawrence, "The Desert and the Garden: Climate as Attractor and Obstacle in the Settlement History of the Western United States" 2012
Parrinello, Giacomo, "Post-Disaster Migrations and Returns in Sicily: The 1908 Messina Earthquake and the 1968 Belice Valley Earthquake" 2012
Goebel McDermott, Anthony, and Ronny J. Viales Hurtado, "Blaming It on the Weather: The Role of “Inclement” Rainfall in Society-Nature Relations in Liberal Costa Rica (1860-1940)" 2011