"Editorial" for Global Environment 4

Agnoletti, Mauro, and Gabriella Corona | from Multimedia Library Collection:

Agnoletti, Mauro, and Gabriella Corona. “Editorial.” Global Environment 4 (2009): 5–7.

Austrian immigrants who arrived in Kansas during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are the point of departure for Geoff Cunfer and Fridolin Krausmannin, in their comparative study of Old World and New World farm systems. Manuel González de Molina and his co-authors analyze, from an environmental perspective, some of the peasant conflicts to have taken place during the course of the last three centuries. Peter J Rogers provides an early history of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania. Sashi Sivramkrishna examines the relation between macroeconomic and environmental history with reference to the impact of currency depreciation on forests in British India at the end of the nineteenth century. Antonio Ortega Santos reflects upon the origin, development, and future of environmental history in Spanish historiography. A report from the fifth World Water Forum held at Istanbul in March 2009, and a review of An Environmental History of Latin America by Shawn William Miller complete this issue. 

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