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The international journal Global Environment: A Journal of History and Natural and Social Sciences aims to act as a forum and echo chamber for ongoing investigations on the environment and world history, with special regard to the modern and contemporary periods. Its intent is to stimulate and gather studies and research that, in spite of a diversity of approaches and themes, share an environmental perspective on world history in its various facets, including economic development, social and production relations, government, and relations between peoples--and to thus overcome the limitations of a Western-centric historiography. (Text adapted from the journal's homepage).

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Corona, Gabriella, "Urbanists and the Environment Between Technique and Politics: The Case of Italy from the Sixties to the Present" 2012
Holm, Poul, "World War II and the 'Great Acceleration' of North Atlantic Fisheries" 2012
Parrinello, Giacomo, "Post-Disaster Migrations and Returns in Sicily: The 1908 Messina Earthquake and the 1968 Belice Valley Earthquake" 2012
Singh, Vipul, "Environmental Migration as Planned Livelihood Among the Rebaris of Western Rajasthan, India" 2012
Soll, David, "Healthy Country, Unhealthy City: Population Growth, Migration, and Urban Sanitation in Lima and Manila" 2012
Zoomers, Annelies, "Migration as a Failure to Adapt? How Andean People Cope with Environmental Restrictions and Climate Variability" 2012
Bourke, Max, "Private Investment in Biodiversity Conservation. A Growing Trend in the Western World?" 2011
Grischow, Jeff, and Holger Weiss, "Colonial Famine Relief and Development Policies: Towards an Environmental History of Northern Ghana" 2011
Pansera, Mario, "The Origins and Purpose of Eco-Innovation" 2011
Quagliarotti, Desiree, "World Water Day 2012. 'Water and Food Security: The World is Thirsty Because We are Hungry'" 2011
Kumar, V. M. Ravi, "Green Colonialism and Forest Policies in South India, 1800-1900" 2010
Agnoletti, Mauro, and Gabriella Corona, "Editorial" for Global Environment 3 2009
Bankoff, Greg, "A Month in the Life of José Salud, Forester in the Spanish Philippines, July 1882" 2009
Cariño, Micheline, and Mario Monteforte, "An Environmental History of Nacre and Pearls: Fisheries, Cultivation and Commerce" 2009
Chakrabarti, Ranjan, "Local People and the Global Tiger: An Environmental History of the Sundarbans" 2009