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The international journal Global Environment: A Journal of History and Natural and Social Sciences aims to act as a forum and echo chamber for ongoing investigations on the environment and world history, with special regard to the modern and contemporary periods. Its intent is to stimulate and gather studies and research that, in spite of a diversity of approaches and themes, share an environmental perspective on world history in its various facets, including economic development, social and production relations, government, and relations between peoples--and to thus overcome the limitations of a Western-centric historiography. (Text adapted from the journal's homepage).

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Radkau, Joachim, "GAU: Nuclear Reactors and the 'Maximum Credible Accident'" 2013
Wöbse, Anna-Katharina, "Knechtsand: A Site of Memory in Flux" 2013
Esselborn, Stefan, "Environment, Memory, and the Groundnut Scheme: Britain’s Largest Colonial Agricultural Development Project and Its Global Legacy" 2013
Dills, Randall, "Forest and Grassland: Recent Trends in Russian Environmental History" 2013
Kalmbach, Karena, "Radiation and Borders: Chernobyl as a National and Transnational Site of Memory" 2013
Frost, Warwick, and Jennifer Laing, "From Yellowstone to Australia and New Zealand: National Parks 2.0" 2013
LeCain, Timothy James, "An Impure Nature: Memory and the Neo-Materialist Flip at America’s Biggest Toxic Superfund Site" 2013
Isenberg, Andrew C., "From the Periphery to the Center: North American Environmental History" 2013
Prochnow, Jeannette, "Fossilized Memory: The German-Russian Energy Partnership and the Production of Energo-political Knowledge" 2013
Ivey, Linda L., "Apples and Experts: Evolving Notions of Sustainable Agriculture" 2013
Kalb, Martin, "Moving Beyond the Nation State? Reflections on European Environmental History" 2013
Kwashirai, Vimbai C., "Environmental Change, Control and Management in Africa" 2013
Vadas, András, and Lajos Rácz, "Climatic Changes in the Carpathian Basin during the Middle Ages. The State of Research" 2013
Zoomers, Annelies, and Guus van Westen, "Reframing the Land Grab Debate: The Need to Broaden and Deepen the Agenda" 2013
Quagliarotti, Desirée A.L., "Some Reflections on the Causes and Effects of the Global Food Crisis" 2012