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Environmental Values is an international peer-reviewed journal that brings together contributions from philosophy, economics, politics, sociology, geography, anthropology, ecology and other disciplines relating to the present and future environment of human beings and other species. The journal was established in 1992 and aims to clarify the relationship between practical policy issues and more fundamental underlying principles or assumptions. It is published by White Horse Press. (Text adapted from the journal’s homepage).

The Environment & Society Portal collection offers a growing, broad range of the digitally available journal articles.

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"Reconciling Realism and Constructivism in Environmental Ethics"
Evanoff, Richard J.
"Nature Connoisseurship"
Greenbaum, Allan
"Unprojected Value, Unfathomed Caves and Unspent Nature: Reply to an Editorial"
Attfield, Robin
"Industrial Ecology for Sustainable Development: Six Controversies in Theory Building"
Korhonen, Jouni
"The Commons, Game Theory, and Aspects of Human Nature that May Allow Conservation of Global Resources"
Dodds, Walter K.
"Re-framing Flood Control in England and Wales"
Scrase, J. Ivan, and William R. Sheate
"Ecological Restoration, Environmentalism and the Dutch Politics of 'New Nature'"
van der Heijden, Hein-Anton
"Citizens, Denizens and the Res Publica: Environmental Ethics, Structures of Feeling and Political Expression"
Smith, Mick
"Economic Stratification and Environmental Management: A Case Study of the New York City Catskill/Delaware Watershed"
Hoffman, Joan
"Learning in Sustainable Agriculture: Food Miles and Missing Objects"
Iles, Alastair
"Different Perspectives on Cross-Compliance"
Mann, Stefan
"Capital Substitutability and Weak Sustainability Revisited: The Conditions for Capital Substitution in the Presence of Risk"
Figge, Frank
Todd, Helen, and Christos Zografos, "Justice for the Environment: Developing a Set of Indicators of Environmental Justice for Scotland"
Todd, Helen, and Christos Zografos
Ladkin, Donna, "Does 'Restoration' Necessarily Imply the Domination of Nature?"
Ladkin, Donna
Sjölander-Lindqvist, Annelie, "Conflicting Perspectives on Water in a Swedish Railway Tunnel Project"
Sjölander-Lindqvist, Annelie