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Excerpt from RCC fellow Jemma Deer’s monograph Radical Animism: Reading for the End of the World.

In the 1960s, real-time aerial observations supported mixed forms of land use in African national parks.

In this article, RCC alumnus Bron Taylor and colleagues argue for the

On the common stingray and its longstanding place in the diet, health, and lives of people in Ringsend, Ireland.

This essay examines the multiple factors intertwined in the development of transnational astronomy in Chile in the 1960s.

Book excerpt from Ocean by Steven Mentz.

In Recycling, former Rachel Carson Center fellow Finn Arne Jørgensen investigates the benefits and drawbacks of recycling.

Beijing’s huge palaces rest on giant timbers logged in the far reaches of southwestern China, a project with disastrous implications.

Excerpt from former Rachel Carson Center fellow Helen Rozwadowski’s book Vast Expanses: A History of the Oceans.

This article explores Swedish consular secretary Jakob Gråberg’s writings on the plague in Morocco in 1819.