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This article analyzes the recent controversial environmental history of urban parks in Istanbul, Turkey, and Budapest, Hungary, under authoritarian regimes.

Biodiversity offsetting and the contradictions of the capitalist production of nature in England.

The water shop was a crucial part of the traditional water supply system in imperial and early modern China.

Through a quantitative questionnaire survey conducted in villages around the Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park in northern Congo, the authors assess local attitudes towards conservation and elephant conservation in particular.

Anja Nygren reviews the 2017 book Green Wars: Colonization and Conservation in the Maya Forest by Megan Ybarra.

Ferran Pons Raga reviews Naturalezas en conflicto [Natures in Conflict] by José A. Cortés Vázquez.

Douglas Sheil reviews the book Traditional Forest-Related Knowledge Sustaining Communities, Ecosystems and Biocultural Diversity by John A. Parrotta and Ronald L. Trosper.

The authors delve into the social reasons behind illegal turtle egg harvesting in the La Flor Wildlife Refuge in Nicaragua, based on a survey conducted among 180 households living in Ostional, the largest village in the vicinity of the Refuge.

The authors assess the governance of the Hin Nam No National Protected Area in central Laos to understand the possibilities of supporting fruitful collaborative governance of protected areas.

The authors critically discuss the idea of “community participation” through a case study in Sierra de Huautla Biosphere Reserve (SDHBR) in Mexico.