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The online journal RCC Perspectives: Transformations in Environment and Society publishes provocative, less formal pieces related to the RCC’s environment and society research themes.

Issue 2014/6

Beyond Doom and Gloom: An Exploration through Letters

Our worries about the environment are not only academic—they affect us personally. Yet there is a strange silence about the emotional impact of the ways in which we talk about the environment, which is so enmeshed with hopelessness: horrifying statistics and gut-wrenching images that threaten to seal the planet’s fate. How can we best influence and enact a shift beyond “doom and gloom”? The letters in this Perspectives volume are responses to this dilemma. Through an exploration of new environmental narratives, this volume aims to stimulate readers to emotionally reflect on how we can embrace hope and resilience in our stories about the environment.

How to cite: Kelsey, Elin (ed.), "Beyond Doom and Gloom: An Exploration through Letters," RCC Perspectives 2014, no. 6.