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The online journal RCC Perspectives: Transformations in Environment and Society publishes provocative, less formal pieces related to the RCC’s environment and society research themes.

Issue 2014/2

Minding the Gap: Working Across Disciplines in Environmental Studies

Today more than ever, academics are encouraged to work across disciplines. But what is the value of such endeavors, and how can they be facilitated? This volume of RCC Perspectives presents the experiences of a range of scholars in the environmental humanities, all of whom have contributed in various ways to cross-disciplinary projects. The essays consider what it means to work across disciplines, what kinds of obstacles prevent cross-disciplinary work, and how universities might react to changing demands.

How to cite: Emmett, Rob, and Frank Zelko (eds.), "Minding the Gap: Working Across Disciplines in Environmental Studies," RCC Perspectives 2014, no. 2.