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The interdisciplinary academic journal Environment and History is published by the White Horse Press. Its intention is to to bring scholars in the humanities and biological sciences closer together, with the aim of constructing long and well-founded perspectives on present day environmental problems. (Text adapted from the journal's homepage).

The Environment & Society Portal offers a growing selection of representative articles from the journal.

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"'A Convulsed and Magic Country:' Tourism and Resource Histories in the Mexican Caribbean"
Redclift, Michael
"'A Network of Trust': Measuring and Monitoring Air Pollution in British Cities, 1912–1960"
Mosley, Stephen
"'An Enemy of the Rabbit:' The Social Context of Acclimatisation of an Immigrant Killer"
Wells, Philippa K.
"'Annihilating Natural Productions:' Nature's Economy, Colonial Crisis and the Origins of Brazilian Political Environmentalism (1786–1810)"
Padua, Jose Augusto
"'Folk-Ecology' in the Australian Alps: Forest Cattlemen and the Royal Commissions of 1939 and 1946"
Soeterboek, Chris
"'Forsaken Spot' to 'Classic Ground': Geological Heritage in Australia and the Recuperative Power of the Deep Past"
Douglas, Kirsty
"'Free, Bold, Joyous:' The Love of Seaweed in Margaret Gatty and Other Mid-Victorian Writers"
Hunt, Stephen E.
"'Loved to Death:' Coral Collecting in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, 1770–1970"
Daley, Ben, and Peter Griggs
"'Nature in League with Man:' Conceptualising and Transforming the Natural World in Eighteenth-Century Scandinavia"
Oslund, Karen
"'On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic' in Environmental History"
Wynn, Graeme
"'Penetrating' Foreign Lands: Contestations Over African Landscapes. A Case Study from Eastern Zimbabwe"
Schmidt, Heike
"'Potatoes Made of Oil': Eugene and Howard Odum and the Origins and Limits of American Agroecology"
Madison, Mark Glen
"'Reordering and Counterordering': Forestry Preservation, Bush Clearing and the Sociophysical Mapping of Chepalungu, Kericho District, Kenya, 1930-1963"
Otieno, Alphonse
"'Ruined and Lost': Spanish Destruction of the Pearl Coast in the Early Sixteenth Century"
Perri, Michael
"'The Common Cormorant or Shag Lays Eggs Inside a Paper Bag.' A Cultural Ecology of Fish-eating Birds in Western Australia"
Sassoon, Joanna