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The Books & Profiles collection contains full-text books, excerpts, profiles, and reviews of books on the human-environment relationship. The Rachel Carson Center partners with Berghahn Books to produce the environmental book series The Environment in History: International Perspectives and with Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht on the German language Umwelt und Gesellschaft. The collection profiles books on the human-environment relationship from other academic publishers such as the White Horse Press and the University of Pittsburgh Press. It also features dialogues between environmental authors and critics through the H-Environment Roundtable Reviews

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Dave Foreman's Books of the Big Outside, Fall 1991 10/1991
Dave Foreman's Books of the Big Outside, Spring 1991 04/1991
Abbey, Edward, The Monkey Wrench Gang 1975
Albert, Jeff, et al., eds., Transformations of Middle Eastern Natural Environments: Legacies and Lessons 1998
Alexiades, Miguel N., ed., Mobility and Migration in Indigenous Amazonia: Contemporary Ethnoecological Perspectives 2009
Anderson, David G., and Eeva Berglund, eds., Ethnographies of Conservation: Environmentalism and the Distribution of Privilege 2003
Anderson, David G., Robert P. Wishart, and Virginia Vaté, eds., About the Hearth: Perspectives on the Home, Hearth and Household in the Circumpolar North 2013
Anderson, David, and Mark Nuttall, eds., Cultivating Arctic Landscapes: Knowing and Managing Animals in the Circumpolar North 2004
Anderson, Virginia DeJohn, Creatures of Empire: How Domestic Animals Transformed Early America 2004
Armiero, Marco, A Rugged Nation: Mountains and the Making of Modern Italy 2011
Auer, Matthew R., ed., Restoring Cursed Earth: Appraising Environmental Policy Reforms in Eastern Europe and Russia 2004
Baier, Andrea, Christa Müller and Karin Werner, Stadt der Commonisten. Neue urbane Räume des Do it yourself. (The City of Commonists: New Urban Spaces of the Do-It-Yourself) 2013
Baker, Alan R. H., Geography and History: Bridging the Divide 2004
Barca, Stefania, Enclosing Water: Nature and Political Economy in a Mediterranean Valley, 1796–1916 2010
Barlow, Maude, Blue Future: Protecting Water for People and the Planet Forever 2014