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The Books & Profiles collection contains full-text books, excerpts, profiles, and reviews of books on the human-environment relationship. The Rachel Carson Center partners with Berghahn Books to produce the environmental book series The Environment in History: International Perspectives and with Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht on the German language Umwelt und Gesellschaft. The collection profiles books on the human-environment relationship from other academic publishers such as the White Horse Press and the University of Pittsburgh Press. It also features dialogues between environmental authors and critics through the H-Environment Roundtable Reviews

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Roundtable Review of Merchants of Doubt by Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway
Hamblin, Jacob D., ed.
Roundtable Review of Mosquito Empires by John R. McNeill
Hamblin, Jacob D., ed.
Historical GIS Research in Canada
Bonnell, Jennifer and Marcel Fortin
Environmental and Social Justice in the City: Historical Perspectives
Massard-Guilbaud, Geneviève, and Richard Rodger, eds.
Thinking Through the Environment: Green Approaches to Global History
Myllyntaus, Timo ed.
Devastation and Renewal: An Environmental History of Pittsburgh and its Region
Tarr, Joel A., ed.
Conservation Song: A History of Peasant-State Relations and the Environment in Malawi, 1860–2000
Mulwafu, Wapulumuka Oliver
A Rugged Nation: Mountains and the Making of Modern Italy
Armiero, Marco
Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril
Moore, Kathleen D. and Michael P. Nelson, eds.
The Third Dimension: A Comparative History of Mountains in the Modern Era
Mathieu, Jon
State of the World 2011: Innovations that Nourish the Planet
Worldwatch Institute, ed.
A Century of Parks Canada, 1911-2011
Campbell, Claire Elizabeth
To Love the Wind and the Rain: African Americans and Environmental History
Glave, Dianne D. and Mark Stoll
Zivilgesellschaft und Protest: Eine Geschichte der Naturschutz- und Umweltbewegung in Bayern 1945–1980
Hasenöhrl, Ute
Der gezähmte Prometheus: Feuer und Sicherheit zwischen Früher Neuzeit und Moderne
Zwierlein, Cornel