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Environmental Humanities is a a peer-reviewed, international, open-access journal that aims to invigorate current interdisciplinary research on the environment. It is housed at, and funded by the Environmental Humanities Program in the School of Humanities and Languages at the University of New South Wales, Australia. In response to a growing interest around the world in the many questions that arise in the era of rapid environmental and social change, the journal has a specific focus on publishing the best interdisciplinary scholarship that draws humanities disciplines into conversation with each other, and with the natural and social sciences. (Text adapted from the journal's homepage.)

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Jørgensen, Finn Arne, "The Armchair Traveler's Guide to Digital Environmental Humanities" 05/2014
Adams, Michael, "'Redneck, Barbaric, Cashed Up Bogan? I Don’t Think So': Hunting and Nature in Australia" 05/2013
Antonello, Alessandro, and Mark Carey, "Ice Cores and the Temporalities of the Global Environment" 11/2017
Aronowsky, Leah V., "Of Astronauts and Algae: NASA and the Dream of Multispecies Spaceflight" 11/2017
Ballard, Susan, "New Ecological Sympathies: Thinking about Contemporary Art in the Age of Extinction" 11/2017
Barua, Maan, "Encounter"
Beilin, Katarzyna Olga, and Sainath Suryanarayanan, "The War between Amaranth and Soy: Interspecies Resistance to Transgenic Soy Agriculture in Argentina" 11/2017
Bergthaller et al., "Mapping Common Ground: Ecocriticism, Environmental History, and the Environmental Humanities" 11/2014
Callicott, J. Baird, “A NeoPresocratic Manifesto” 05/2013
Castree, Noel, "The Anthropocene and the Environmental Humanities: Extending the Conversation" 11/2014
Dunér, David, "On the Plausibility of Intelligent Life on Other Worlds: A Cognitive-Semiotic Assessment of f<sub>i</sub>· fc · L" 11/2017
Gillen, Paul, "Notes on Mineral Evolution: Life, Sentience, and the Anthropocene" 11/2016
Granjou, Céline and Juan Francisco Salazar, "Future" 11/2016
Green, Kelsey and Franklin Ginn, "The Smell of Selfless Love: Sharing Vulnerability with Bees in Alternative Apiculture" 05/2014
Hagood, Amanda, "Wonders with the Sea: Rachel Carson’s Ecological Aesthetic and the Mid-Century Reader" 05/2013