"Balancing Conservation and Livelihoods: A Study of Forest-dependent Communities in the Philippines"

The authors investigate how land cover, land use, and protected area management affects communities around a forest reserve in the Philippines. They conclude that incorporating local livelihoods into forest conservation strategies results in a measure of sustainability and positively impacts the socioeconomic well-being of communities near the protected area.

"The Moderns' Amnesia in Two Registers"

In this Special Commentary Section titled “Replies to An Ecomodernist Manifesto,” edited by Eileen Crist and Thom Van Dooren, Rosemary-Claire Collard, Jessica Dempsey, and Juanita Sundberg critique the manifesto as fostering amnesia: amnesia about the uneven and violent nature of modernization as well as about the struggles that have underpinned efforts to alleviate inequality and violence.

When China Met Africa

This film captures the rise of China’s influence in Africa and in Zambia in particular, through the lives of three individuals: a Chinese entrepreneur, a project manager for a Chinese multinational and the Zambian Minister for Commerce, Trade and Industry.

Why Poverty? Solar Mamas

This film follows a diverse group of women from around the world as they attend the Barefoot College in India. The college teaches them solar engineering skills to allow them to contribute to their communities and improve their daily lives, but societal and familial pressure proves challenging.